Blank Canvases.
Endless Transformations.




At ERUCC, we have established more than a welcoming venue, but the tools to transform your imagination into reality. We’ve curated the necessary quality supplies so you can focus on your vision as we concentrate on ERUCC’s mission: to provide an affordable rental option in downtown Frederick that is accessible to all. We’re honored to be the host to anyone as they celebrate life; however that looks.

You may require an intimate space for ten or a need a blank canvas that caters to a leadership seminar or black and white tie event. Your theme, timetable, will not intimidate our outdoor and indoor rooms, totaling over ten spacious and welcoming areas. Prepared to add postage to your invite list? We’re ready to help you open the doors.


Rooms Available to Rent


Additional Rooms to Rent

The following places are located across the street of our ERUCC Downtown Community Room. While primarily a source used for education and out in the community, this building is not fully accessible:

Trinity Chapel Community Room

Trinity Chapel West Classroom

Trinity Chapel East Classroom

Trinity Chapel Preschool #1

Trinity Chapel Kindergarten

Trinity Chapel Grade three to Fifth

Trinity Chapel Middle School Room

Trinity Chapel, (seating 122)

Trinity Chapel Labyrinth


Inclusive Packages

Part of transforming spaces and creating lasting memories comes through providing inclusive package contracts. Our guests deserve the best, and you can achieve that with access to not only our diverse rooms, but added essentials that you gain access to with any booking.